York, England (by Barry Young1950)

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digital art


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MCU Clint Barton: Rugged and Handsome Action Hero, defeats hordes of Chitauri without getting a scratch on him, lands sick jumps off skyscrapers, too cool to speak outside of quips

Comic Book Clint Barton: gets his ass kicked by russian gangsters in tracksuits on a daily basis, would probably eat floor pizza if Kate wasn’t around to stop him

True enough, HOWEVER: Comic Book Clint Barton has plenty of moments of sheer incandescent badass,


therefore it only stands to logic that MCU Clint Barton does indeed eat the floor pizza because there is no Kate around to stop him.

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"Goodbye, Ghibli" animated tribute by Fox’s ADHD.
I agree with the lyrics “Don’t go Ghibli, don’t say goodbye”.

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I have a thousand piece puzzle. ive had it for six years. that is a sign im never gonna do it. if anyone wants this let me know otherwise it is going in the trash!

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What if Navi said “Yooooo” instead of “Hey Listen!”? :0

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bucky: did it hurt when you fell from heaven
bucky: and then crashed into ice
bucky: and then froze yourself for 66 years
bucky: 'cause that was dumb as shit
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try to close someone’s eyes like a corpse when you’re bored of talking to them

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